Thursday, October 21, 2010

Moving in: The Grease Paint behind the Glitter


Tonight is the International Show's preview benefit party before the official opening Friday morning.   Plenty of satin, sequins, and stones will be strolling through the aisles at what is one of the premiere society events of the Fall.  (Click here for ticket information.)

Galerie Lefebvre assessing the lighting

But just a mere 24 hours before, the Armory was a construction zone, with carpeting still being rolled out over the worn wood floor boards, dealers standing on 12 ft ladders to perfect their lighting, and others taking a break after a long day of unpacking, installing, and refining.

A naked jewel case waiting to be dressed at Sandra Cronan, Ltd.

Ginger Ale and Polish - essential tools of the trade at The Silver Fund

Lacquer, ceramics, and tool boxes at Bernd Goeckler's stand

A well-deserved break: Il Quadrifoglio and Foster-Gwin

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